Sports cakes take many forms

I've made sports-themed cakes for men AND women clients, and the different sports run the gamut: baseball, soccer, football, even a baby shower cake for a FUTURE hunter. Strangely, I've never done a Portland Trail Blazers cake. Go figure! Here are some highlights:  

Old-world cake with handpainting

A local church asked me to provide a cake to be auctioned off in a fundraiser. The theme of the event was "Missions Benefit," meaning all the proceeds were going to fund the missionary efforts of the church. We chose an old-world map look for [...]

Lots of Little Mermaid cake options

Many children's birthday cakes have a Disney theme, and none is more popular than "The Little Mermaid." I try to avoid using actual Ariel items and instead prefer to have the client add figurines or other licensed materials to the general design that I provide [...]

Subliminal cakes with Oregon “O”s

Over the past couple years, we've been doing a lot of cakes that have "hidden" symbols in the design. One cake had as many as 30 symbols on it for a renewal of vows ceremony. Since we are in Salem and have a great many [...]

Cowgirl birthday cakes

We make lots of cowboy/cowgirl/cow-themed celebration cakes each year. Here are two of my recent favorites, one for a child (with smash cake), one for an adult!

Minimum order amount during summer

This year we've instituted a minimum order amount ($300) during the months of June, July and August, the busiest wedding month in Oregon. Some people have asked why we took this step, so I'd like to address it. Wedding cakes are extremely time-consuming to bake [...]

Musical birthday cake

A sweet little birthday cake for a fan of Taylor Swift, including a little sugar letter to the recipient thanking her for her fandom. Sculpted cakes are fun to create, and even more fun to see the birthday boy or girl's face when they see [...]

Hand-painted cake for anniversary

A couple celebrating their anniversary brought me a painting they'd commissioned and asked me to translate it into a cake for their anniversary party. I was a little leery, as I didn't have the artist's permission to copy the work. The couple assured me the [...]

Whooooooo’s your baby?

Owls have been a rocking baby shower theme for a while now, and I never get tired of making cakes in that motif. I hope people keep ordering these for years to come!

Blowin’ in the wind

Many brides are choosing cake designs based on flower petals or "exploded" flowers, as I like to call them. Here are two different looks. The smaller cake has larger petals that cover the step up in cake size. The larger cake is more of a [...]


Another take on the wood cake includes this one: a groom's cake for a fan of the Portland soccer team the Timbers. LOVE doing cakes like these!

Bridal bungalow

The building where my office is and where I meet clients is called the "Bridal Bungalow." There are eight wedding-related businesses in there, and all are owned by women. During the wedding booking season (about October-March), we have monthly open houses were prospective clients can [...]

Happy Birthday to a friend, mentor

I love being hired to make cakes for my friends. I get such joy from making something I know they will love. This cake was for Cecilia, who is an ardent Hawai'i fan. It included coconut, pineapple and guava for a tropical triple-threat. We did [...]

Sweet, sweet nature

The wood-look cake has been going strong the last two years, and this one was particularly fun because it included themed cupcakes as well. The bride made the wrappers and picks for the cupcakes AND provided the wood cake stand. All I had to do [...]

Here a tart, there a tart

The most popular dessert bar item we've been creating lately is the tartlette - a two-bite shortbread crust filled with all kinds of goodies. For a recent event we did lemon cream cheese with a fresh blueberry on top. We've also used a Marionberry filling [...]

Biggest wedding cake yet

In summer 2013 we did our largest cake spread yet, a wedding for about 400 people. I think we figured the cake, side cakes and sheet cakes at about 385 servings. We were aiming for a lightly rough-frosted buttercream cake with gum paste peonies in blush [...]

2014 Bridal Show

Well, another Salem bridal show has passed, and overall I would say it was a good event. It flew by, especially on Sunday. There definitely was a different vibe each of the days. Saturday seemed to be mainstream brides looking for a large cake or [...]

Pinterest proliferation

I went to a wedding industry conference in October, and one of the seminars I attended was about the importance of Pinterest. I had avoided getting sucked into Pinterest up until that point, but after the seminar I dipped my toes in the pinboard waters. [...]

Natural at its best

I love cakes that have a touch of the natural. Leaves, sticks (edible, of course) and yes, even grass! This green buttercream and fondant cake was for the only wedding cake I've ever delivered to the Rose Garden in Portland. It was crazy time consuming [...]

Minnie Mouse overload

I've been getting a lot of orders for Minnie Mouse birthday cakes lately. There are a couple takes on it, but they always include pink and a lot of polka dots. I've done so many I've stopped taking photos of them all! But here are [...]

What’s cool is burlap, baby!

By far the most common look I've been seeing at weddings during cake deliveries is a sort of shabby chic/rustic/country angle with a lot of burlap. It's often paired with yellow, antique white or a touch of other color. Using that as my guide, I [...]

Wedding cakes with ruffles

A huge trend right now is ruffles -- going up, going down, going sideways. Sometimes they are a single color, and sometimes they have a color variation called "ombre." There are a few ways to achieve the look, mostly done in fondant. The ruffles facing [...]

What’s going on?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but I have had so many couples calling, emailing and booking, I can bearly keep up. I can't figure out if everyone is just planning early this year (which is GREAT) or if there are just TONS of [...]

2013 bridal show

Well, the 2013 Oregon Wedding Showcase is behind us. It was quite a whirlwind with lots of chances for me to meet brides and couples. There were a surprising number of couples with 2014 weddings at the show (the organizers give attendees name stickers with their [...]

Christmastime weddings

Christmas provides basically a built-in color scheme and theme for a winter wedding. New Year's is great in that regard, too, but that's a post for another day. Couples often go with a Christmas-gift look or something similar, usually with red tones and silver. Light [...]

Cake-related question for other vendors

Questions relating to cake to ask other vendors Caterer: Will your company cut the wedding cake? Florist: Will you work with my cake designer to plan the cake flowers? Who puts them on? Gown shop: If a color match is needed, can you provide one [...]

10 questions for your cake designer

Here is a list of questions I presented at a workshop a bit ago. It might be helpful. 10 questions to ask your cake designer Can I taste your cakes before booking you? Are your tastings free? When do you do them? How many people [...]

Favorite wedding cake of 2011?

I know I've said this before, but this might be my favorite of the year. It's in the top three for sure. It was SUPER time-consuming to do all the piping -- which was all freehand, thank you very much -- but I just loved how [...]

Buttercream with style

Another way to make buttercream icing a bit more interesting is to add vertical or horizontal marks. It gives the feeling of movement without looking messy. This design technique looks great with fresh flowers or, as you see below, with sugared fruit (all purchased from [...]

Rough frost: Little bit rustic, little bit classic

You know those cans of frosting you can buy at the grocery store, the ones with the photo of the perfectly frosted cake on the label? It usually features super swirly frosting, heavy on the spatula marks. Well, here at Myriad we call that a [...]