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Gum paste roses and petals
grace this elegant cake.
The blue color was perfect
for the reception location:
The Willamette Queen sternwheeler.


One of the biggest trends
right now is rough-frost icing,
which looks like old-fashioned spatula
swirls in the frosting.
It adds texture and a rustic feel.
For this cake, we went with
just a lightly rough frost.


Cake Flavors

White chocolate
Almond poppyseed
Classic chocolate
Extra dark chocolate
Toasted coconut
Lemon poppyseed
Vanilla cinnamon
Banana Bread
Vanilla champagne
Pink champagne
Red velvet

Filling Flavors

Buttercream: vanilla, white chocolate, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, hazelnut and chai

Mousse: white chocolate, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla champagne, chocolate champagne, salted caramel, pistachio, tangy lemon

Ganache: dark chocolate, dark chocolate mint, dark chocolate with toasted almonds

Fruit: raspberry jelly, strawberry jelly, lemon, pineapple, cinnamon apple, cherry

Custards: Bavarian cream, coconut cream, banana cream, chocolate cream

Others: cream cheese, Marionberry cheesecake, penuche caramel


A versatile design approach,
climbing vines with flowers
in various colors offer a
hint of Asian style
for a naturalistic approach.
Check our wedding cake gallery
for more variations on this theme.


The tree-look theme is another
one we’ve done many times,
each one slightly different than the last.
The carved initials add a touch of personality
and customization for the couple.

Dessert Bar Choices

Tangy lemon tartlettes Mexican wedding cookies
Brownie bites Cheesecake shots
Coconut macaroons (chocolate dip available) Homemade marshmallows
in chocolate and almonds
Cake truffles/cake pops Mini salted caramel rice crispy treats
Custom sugar cookies Whoopie pies
French macarons Custom lollipops
Vanilla or chocolate caramels Chocolate-dipped strawberries


All custom Myriad cakes, for both weddings and special occasions, start at $4 per serving for buttercream icing and $5 for fondant-covered cakes. Additional fees may be required depending on the complexity of the final design. Gum paste flowers, sculpted elements, sugar lace and other advanced techniques are a few items that can raise the final price. Myriad has a $400 minimum order for weddings and $125 for special occasions.

Desserts Dessert bar items generally are $2 each. Petit fours are $30 per dozen.

Cupcakes Plain cupcakes begin at $2 each, and filled cupcakes are $3 each. Additional designs on the top of each cupcake may increase the price, as will specialty cupcake papers and filigree wrappers.

Sheet cakes Standard sheet cakes are $1.50 per serving, and they are available in 25-serving size and 50-serving size. They are frosted with white buttercream with a decorative border.

Dessert displays

Myriad can create a beautiful dessert display for you or work with the presentation items you provide. We have dozens of stands, platters, plateaus and plates in various styles and colors available to rent.