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Frequently Asked Questions

Although we will discuss all the vital information about wedding cakes and desserts at your consultation appointment, having a basic understanding of the process and options can be helpful. Check out our list of frequently asked questions to get answers to lots of queries you might have. If we don’t cover your question here, be sure to bring it up in your consultation. We want to make certain you are completely comfortable with the process and your role in it!

How can I reserve a spot for my order on your calendar? 2016-04-05T12:15:21+00:00

A $50 save-the-date deposit will hold your date for up to 30 days.

Please visit our “Schedule” page to check availability and save your date.

How is payment handled? 2015-12-21T23:33:34+00:00

Half of the estimated cost of your cake is due at the consultation, and the remainder is due two weeks before the event.

Any order not paid in full two weeks before the event will be canceled and not reinstated, regardless of additional payment.

The first deposit is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card.

Please visit our “Connect” page to make an online payment.

Do you provide sheet cakes? 2015-11-17T04:03:10+00:00

Yes. Simple white buttercream sheet cakes are $75 and serve 50. The small version is $35 and serves 25.

How do we cut our wedding cake? 2015-11-17T04:03:18+00:00

Myriad can provide a cutting guide, but if you have hired a caterer, they usually take care of this task.

Will you deliver and set up my cake? 2015-11-17T04:03:27+00:00

The delivery and setup fee is $50 in the Salem area, $75 to Lincoln City and $90 to Newport. Other delivery destinations are priced based on distance. Small special occasion cakes may be picked up at our offices. The wedding cake setup process includes assembling the cake, adding final decoration details and placing fresh flowers.

Do you make cakes for same-sex weddings? 2015-11-17T04:03:40+00:00

Of course! We happily serve all couples as long as our schedule allows.

Will you communicate with my caterer and florist to plan cake details? 2016-04-05T12:17:51+00:00

Sure! We will coordinate the details about cake flowers with your florist or cake cutting and flavors with your caterer.

Can I have several flavors in my wedding cake? 2015-11-17T04:03:56+00:00

Absolutely. Myriad is happy to bake a different combo for each tier at no extra charge.

When will my cake be baked? 2015-11-17T04:04:03+00:00

Two to three days before your wedding.

Do you offer tastings? 2016-04-05T12:19:05+00:00

Yes. Tastings are scheduled once per month from September to May in conjunction with consultations.

There usually are five to six combinations available to try.

Tastings are $25 per couple, and that amount will be credited to your wedding cake order.

Can Myriad turn a fondant design into a buttercream one? 2015-12-21T23:36:02+00:00

It depends. Some decorative elements are easy to achieve in buttercream, but others require fondant.
During your consultation we will be able to decide which will be best for your cake.

Who creates the dessert display for my reception? 2017-10-13T21:16:33+00:00

Myriad will happily provide the display items if needed. If clients prefer to create their own displays, Myriad will set up the desserts accordingly upon arrival.

I want a three-tiered cake but need to serve 200 guests? What are my options? 2015-11-17T04:04:32+00:00

A three-tier cake serves a maximum 100 guests. Sheet cakes, cupcakes or dessert bars are great additions for providing desserts for all your guests.

How is the ideal number of dessert bar items decided? 2017-10-13T21:16:34+00:00

You should figure two to three items for each person.

How are the sizes for cakes figured? 2015-11-17T04:04:48+00:00

The desired number of servings is the base calculation. A standard wedding cake slice is 1 inch-by-2 inches, which is pretty small. If a caterer will be cutting your cake, he or she will be able to maximize the number of servings intended for a cake. If a family member or friend will be cutting, you should estimate on the high end for the number of servings needed.

What is the first step for ordering a wedding cake? 2015-11-17T04:04:55+00:00

We can handle preliminary questions through email, but you will want to schedule a consultation and tasting for more in-depth planning. We will meet at our office at 765 Liberty St. SE in Salem.