This year we’ve instituted a minimum order amount ($300) during the months of June, July and August, the busiest wedding month in Oregon. Some people have asked why we took this step, so I’d like to address it.

Wedding cakes are extremely time-consuming to bake and decorate, and that doesn’t even get to the delivery, which can be hours of work in itself. In order for us to focus on our wedding cake clients — our principal niche — we have to make sure it is worth the labor time to add cakes to our schedule.

For example, if two engaged couples have booked cakes for July 19, we won’t compromise our time and devotion to their orders in order to add a $50 birthday cake to our workload on July 19. Plus, wedding cake clients book 6-9 months in advance of their events, so it would hardly be fair to take the birthday cake client at the last minute and take time away from creating the wedding orders. I hope this makes sense to everyone!

All other months of the year are open to all orders. Thanks for your understanding!